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Piret BristolAbout Piret Bristol

Piret Bristol (b. 18. IV 1968) is a poet and prosaist. She finished high school in 1986 in Rapla and studied Estonian literature from 1986-2001 at the University of Tartu. She has worked as a journalist, as an editor of books and periodicals and as a model in an art school. From 1996-2007, she was a freelance writer, from 2007-2011 a copy editor in the newspaper Postimees. From 2011‒2014 she served as the head of the Tartu branch of the Estonian Writers’ Union. 

Bristol debuted in 1996 with the short story Turvamehed (‘Security Guards’), which was written together with Henn-Kaarel Hellat and published in the magazine Favoriit. To date, she has published several poetry collections and novels and a couple prose collections, including Paralleelmeri (‘Parallel Sea’, 2007), which consists of loosely connected stories. Since 1993, Bristol has lived in Tartu or close to Tartu, and it is a place that shows up frequently as the setting of her work, such as in her three-part novel series Maailm, mis on hea (‘A World That Is Good’, 2011‒2013). These novels focus on the first-person narrator’s relationships during the transition period of the Singing Revolution in Estonia in 1989-1990. Several of Bristol’s stories have appeared in magazines and anthologies.

Among the books Bristol has edited are several collections of poetry by different Estonian authors and five translations of works by Rudolf Steiner.


Books in Estonian

Murdumismärk. Tallinn: Ambra, 1999, 60 lk.
Saatus nagu sinu käsi. Tartu: P. Bristol, 2000, 63 lk.
Tulemata riik. Tallinn: Pooka, 2001, 63 lk.
Kaotsiminemise loitsud. Tallinn: Eesti Keele Sihtasutus, 2003, 86 lk.
Nöörist ja seebist. Pärnu: Jumalikud Ilmutused, 2006, 80 lk.
See sama õnn. Tallinn: Eesti Keele Sihtasutus, 2009, 87 lk.
Nonstop. Tartu: Ilmamaa, 2012, 79 lk.
Üks ümberringi. Saarde; Pärnu: Jumalikud Ilmutused, 2016, 93 lk.
Muutmissõnad. Tartu: Ilmamaa, 2017, 74 lk.

Sajandi öömajad. Tartu: Ilmamaa, 2002, 239 lk.
Sõud. Tallinn: Eesti Keele Sihtasutus, 2005, 413 lk.
Usuvaenlane. Tallinn: Eesti Keele Sihtasutus, 2009, 258 lk.
Maailm, mis on hea. I: romaan. Tartu: Ilmamaa, 2011, 255 lk. [E-raamat: Tartu: Ilmamaa; Digira, 2012.]
Maailm, mis on hea. II, 1990-1992: romaan. Tartu: Ilmamaa, 2012, 245 lk. [E-raamat: Tartu: Ilmamaa; 2013.]
Buss number neli. Maailm, mis on hea. III, 1992-1994: romaan. Tartu: Ilmamaa, 2014, 220 lk.
Roosi tänav. Tartu: Ilmamaa, 2018, 388 lk.

Short stories
Paralleelmeri. Tallinn: Tuum, 2007, 168 lk.
Pöörikoht. Tallinn: Tuum, 2016, 175 lk.
50 lõiget eraellu. Tartu: Vabamõtleja, 2018, 100 lk.