Oliver Berg

Oliver Berg (born 6 December 1990) is a novelist and poet.

He completed Tallinn Secondary school No. 32 in 2010. He has studied literature at the University of Tartu and acquired a BA degree from there cum laude in 2015. In 2022, he obtained a master’s degree in European studies at the University of Amsterdam. Oliver Berg has worked as a travel coordinator, librarian, and project manager at Tallinn City Theatre. In relation to the of Tartu as the European Capital of Culture programme, he has been a member of the Tartu 2024 Foundation since 2023.

Berg has published two novels, two poetry collections and literature and music reviews in the press.

The characteristic features of Berg’s texts are thoroughness, medidativity and mature poeticism. His creation deals with memory and remembering, wording of bodily perceptions and subjective timespace into a poetic whole. His novels and poems express the early 21st century young Estonians’ struggles in life amidst contradictory levels of identity.

L. P. (Translated by I. A.)

Books in Estonian

Venna arm. Tallinn: Tänapäev, 2017. 431 lk.
Migratsioon. Tallinn: EKSA, 2020. 405 lk.

Hallid toonid. Tartu: Elusamus, 2018. 103 lk.
Amsterdami aknad. Tallinn: EKSA, 2022. 62 lk.