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Triinu Laan (born 6. May 1975) is a children’s writer and activist of Võro language (spoken in South Estonia) and culture.

Laan was born in Võru. In 1993, she completed Võru Kreutzwald Gymnasium and, in 2018, graduated from the University of Tartu with a master’s degree in culture management. She has worked at the Võru Institute and been the chairperson of the board of the Võru Society (Võru Language and Culture Foundation). Triinu Laan joined the Estonian Writers’ Union in 2021.
Laan has published bilingual books for children with parallel texts in Estonian and Võru, Suur must koer. Suur must pini (‘Big Black Dog’, 2007, under the name of Triinu Ojar), Vana katkine kass. Vana katskinõ kass (‘Old Broken Cat’, 2016) and Krutskiline tita. Päähäkääntäv tita (‘Mischievous Baby’, 2019). The book Luukere Juhani juhtumised (‘Skeleton Juhan’s Adventures’, 2020) is in Estonian, but some of its characters – granny and grandpa – speak the Võro language. Laan’s storytelling manner is distinct, amiably simple and natural. She is not afraid of dealing with serious topics like old age and death.

Triinu Laan's lyrics have been sung at the Võro-language song festival Uma Pido ('Our Own Festival') and by several artists, for example Mari Kalkun. Her books have been translated into Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Czech and Korean.

L. P. (Translated by I. A.)


Books in Estonian

Children’s books
Triinu Ojar, Suur must koer = Suur must pini. Tallinn: Päike ja Pilv, 2007. 43 lk.
Vana katkine kass = Vana katskinõ kass. Tallinn: Päike ja Pilv, 2016. 31 lk.
Krutskiline tita = Päähäkääntäv tita. Tallinn: Hea Lugu, 2019. 31 lk.
Luukere Juhani juhtumised. Saue: Päike ja Pilv, 2020. 58 lk.