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Fagira D. Morti (as a critic, uses her real name Margit Adorf, b. 14 February 1974) is a poet and critic.

She was born and studied in Tallinn, including at Estonian Business School, has worked for different press publications, been a freelance translator. Together with Jan Kaus, Kalju Kruusa and Juku-Kalle Raid she belonged to the grouping Õigem Valem and published poems in the grouping's collections Õigem valem ['Righter Wronger', or 'Righter Formula', 2000] and Enam vähem ['More Less', or 'So-so', 2003].

Margit Adorf is known as a sharp-tongued and witty literary and film critic who considers tension and impressiveness of the text essential. In her poetry, she also stands out with her dramatic notes and irony, although, with years, her poetry has calmed down somewhat. She is known for her pictographic, mostly goblet-shaped poems. An overview of her creation can be obtained from the collection Pöörane kiskjaloom (‘Crazy Predatory Animal’, 2018) which includes both earlier published and new poems. It contains free verse, haikus and goblet-shaped poems characteristic of Fagira D. Morti. A transversal theme of her poetry is love.

A. K. (Translated by I. A.)

Books in Estonian

Poetry collections
Libamaailm: luuletused 1991-1995. Tallinn, 1995, 83 lk.
Normaalsuse etalon. Tallinn: Õigem Valem, 2001, 61 lk.
Pöörane kiskjaloom. Tallinn: Tuum, 2018, 91 lk.