Kris Moor

Kris Moor

Kris Moor (real name Andrus Triisberg, has also used the pseudonym André Trinity, born 23 September 1974) is a prose writer, poet and photographer.

Moor was born in Tallinn. He has studied philosophy at the Estonian Institute of Humanities and theology at the Institute of Theology of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church. From 2011–2014, he was the photographer and editor of the guitar magazine Kitarr. As an event and portrait photographer, he has photographed many Estonian musicians and actors. Kris Moor has been a member of the Estonian Writers’ Union from 2020.

Moor started publishing his stories in the science fiction magazine Algernon. In 2002, he published the collection of stories Unenägude jumal (‘God of Dreams’) under the pseudonym of André Trinity. The book received the Stalker Award of Estonian science fiction. His story Tähtede seis (‘Position of Stars’) in the collection Täheaeg 2: Doominosillad (‘Sidereal Time 2: Domino Bridges’, 2004) of Fantaasia publisher also received the Stalker Award in the category of the best story.

In cooperation with the Von Krahl Theatre, Moor has published performance book Homefucking is Killing Prostitution (2008) which was nominated for the annual drama award of the Estonian Theatre Union. This is a drama of relations between present-day young people.

In 2019, Kris Moor published an exclusive photo book with a small print run, Sa oled ilus (‘You Are Beautiful’). Moor’s poems have appeared in the journal Vikerkaar. In 2019, Kris Moor published the poetry collection Hüpe (‘Jump’). The poetry collection speaks primarily about love – both in the religious sense and at the level of relations. The penetrating theme of the poems is the pain and wonder of being human.

L. P. (Translated by I. A.)


Books in Estonian

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Homefucking is killing prostitution. Tallinn: Moor Books, 2008. 127 lk.

Hüpe. Tallinn: Moor Books, 2019. 53 lk.

Photo books
Sa oled ilus. Tallinn: Moor Books, 2019. 156 lk.
Ma olen elus. Tallinn: Moor Books, 2020. 79 lk.