Loone Ots




Loone Ots (until 1993 Kaust, b. 31. XII 1965) is an author and scholar of folklore and literature.

She was born and educated in Tallinn and studied Estonian language and literature at the University of Tartu (graduated in 1990). At the university she obtained a master’s degree in folklore studies (1993: “Dr. Oskar Kallas’ life and work”) and a doctorate in pedagogy (1999: “A study package for multicultural education on the model of Estonian literature”). She has been a lecturer in Baltic Studies at the University of Tartu and at the Tallinn Pedagogical University, and chief editor at the Maurus publishing house. She is a member of the Estonian Union of Stage Directors and Dramaturges, the Estonian Writers’ Union and the Karl Ristikivi Society. She has held the chair of the Richard Wagner Society in Tartu and the Estonian League for the Protection of Children. In the play competition run by the Estonian Theatre Agency she won a special mention for Koidula veri (‘Koidula’s Blood’) in 2005, Libahunt (‘The Werewolf’) in 2009 and Gerondid ehk Lõpp (‘The Old Farts, or The End’) in 2015.

Ots’ range is wide: popular scientific literature, children’s books, teaching materials, poetry, plays. She is more widely known for her plays with a historical and/or cultural-historical background, which have been called pseudo-documentary dramas. Basing her works on facts, and skilfully using comic elements, she presents alternative, public-friendly versions of history and/or cultural history. For instance, she has written about Jaan Poska, Jaan Tõnisson, Karl Ristikivi (Üksainus Araabia öö - ‘One Single Arabian Night’ -, Karl Ristikivi põlev lipp, ‘Karl Ristikivi’s Burning Flag’). Birkenruh’ episood (‘The Birkenruh Episode’) concentrates on the quartet of associates Carl Hacker, Friedebert Tuglas, Artur Adson and Marie Under in summer 1917. Wider attention was paid to her first play, dealing the fixed myth about Koidula, Koidula veri (2005), which is based on the claim by Juhan Liiv, which was regarded as mad, that he was the progeny of Lydia Koidula and the Russian Tsar, and therefore the king of Poland.

The book of reminiscences Mustamäe valss (‘Mustamäe Waltz’, 2012), in the Petrone Print series ‘Aja lood’ (‘Stories of the Time’) casts a look at the world of one suburb and its residents from the late sixties to the eighties. Against a background of images of the era and its conditions, laced with humour and satire, the development of one young person is revealed. In the successful ‘My…’ series from the same publisher, Minu Odessa (‘My Odessa’, 2020) offers an insight into both the writer and Ukraine’s culture and lifestyle.

A. K. (Translated by C. M.)

Books in Estonian

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Children's stories
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