Heidi Sarapuu

Heidi Sarapuu (Loot until 1969, born 25. I 1944) is a stage producer and dramaturge.

She was born and educated in Tallinn. She studied at the study studio of the Estonian Theatre Society and stage production at the Tallinn Pedagogical Institute. Among other things, she has been the director of the Central Lecturing Bureau of the Estonian Academy of Sciences, instructed singing and acting groups and taught cultural history. In 1987, she founded the poetry theater Varius, which grew into the theater Varius in 1999, where she remains a dramaturge, creative director and stage producer even today. She is a member of the Estonian Directors and Dramaturgs Union and the Estonian Writers’ Union (since 2003).

Sarapuu is most active in the theater Varius, the repertoire of which is mainly focused on the cultural history and creatives of Estonia and Nordic countries, for example Arbujate aegu (‘Time of Arbujad’, 1988); Umbsed tõed (‘Stuffy Truths’, 1989), which was on Kalju Lepik and the Tuulisui group; Eesti Kirjanikkude Liit, 1922-1940 (‘The Estonian Writers’ Union, 1922-1940’, 1997); Tervist, härra Vilde! (‘Greetings, Mister Vilde!’, 1999) on Eduard Vilde; Saaga (‘Saga’, 2001) on Sigrid Undset; Lõbusad estoonlased (‘Merry Estoniards’, 2011); Laborant Viiding (‘Laboratorian Viiding’, 2014) on Juhan Viiding. She has written texts for the theater, dramatized and produced.

Since 1990, Sarapuu has written and produced radio dramas at Eesti Raadio. She has participated in radio drama competitions as well, coming in third for Kolm naist liftis (‘Three Women in an Elevator’, 1987) and second for Müstiline klaver (‘Mysterious Piano’, 1997) and receiving a motivational award for Tulesaiake (‘Fire Bun, 1997). Sarapuu is the author and host of several literature shows, for example Tuglasega Põhjamaades (‘In the Nordics with Tuglas’, 1993), Kirjatähti Põhjataevas (‘Starry Letters in the Northern Sky’, 1994), Maa ja taeva vahel (‘Between Earth and Heaven’, 2003) and Kahel kaldal (‘On Two Shores’).

Sarapuu has been recognized with the prize of the Estonian Cultural Foundation (1989), the culture reward of the Nordic Council of Ministers (2004), the Order of the White Star, IV Class (2013), a stipend of the Kristi and Siim Kallas Foundation (2013), the Friend of a Classic title from the Society of Friends of Tammsaare and Vilde (2017) and the Tallinn Town Hall Medal for preserving the cultural history heritage of Estonia and Tallinn in dramaturgy.

A. K. (Translated by A. A.)


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