Peedu Saar


Peedu Saar (born 1985) is a prose writer.

He was born in Tartu and graduated from the University of Tartu in 2007 as a biologist. Saar works as a botanist and is a specialist at the Estonian Seminatural Community Conservation Association. His brother is writer and translator Anti Saar.

Peedu Saar’s first texts appeared in the journal Värske Rõhk under a pseudonym. Saar’s first book, the short novel Pascual appeared in 2018 (the name ‘Pascual’ has been taken from the book La familia de Pascual Duarte by the Spanish writer Camilo José Cela, who is significant for Saar). In 2019, Saar published the short novel Mailased (‘Speedwells’). Both books have been written in the first person. In the novel Pascual, the first-person narrator roams around London and finds himself in extraordinary situations and places. The protagonist of the novel Mailased is a biologist who lives in Tartu and wanders around Estonia against the background of a sensitive and fascinating story of unfortunate love.

L. P. (Translated by I. A.)


Books in Estonian

Novels and novellas
Pascual. Tallinn: Pilgrim, 2018. 78 lk.
Mailased. Tallinn: Paradiis, 2019. 182 lk.
Loomad. Tallinn: SA Kultuurileht (Loomingu Raamatukogu), 2022. 90 lk.