Mihkel Seeder

Mihkel Seeder

Mihkel Seeder (born 9 December 1988) is a playwright, translator and educator.

In 2008, Seeder completed Tallinn German Gymnasium, 2012 bachelor’s studies of German language and literature at the University of Tartu (minoring in theatre studies) and in 2017 master's studies of theatre pedagogy at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. Seeder has upgraded his education at Drakadeemia private school (2009–2012), at Jane Rasch’s mentor training for playwrights in Denmark (2010), at mentor training for scriptwriters at the Baltic Film and Media School (2013) and in the work group for translating newest German dramaturgy in Mühlheim (2015). He is a member of the Estonian Writers’ Union (from 2017), the Estonian Union of Directors and Dramaturges, and the Estonian Screenwriters’ Guild.

He has been a supervisor at Drakadeemia from 2011 and in 2012–2014 was deputy creative director there. From 2012–2013, Seeder worked as dramaturge at the Estonian Drama Theatre. From 2014, he has been dramaturge at VAT Theatre.

In 2010, Seeder was awarded the main prize at the competition for children’s and youth plays of the Estonian Theatre Agency and Viljandi Culture Academy for the youth play Väga vihane mees (‘A Very Angry Man’). He has also written the plays Elu enne surma (‘Life Before Death’, 2012), Vaga vend Vahindra (‘Pious Brother Vahindra’, 2014), Web Demon (2016) and Mister Green (2017, in cooperation with Giuditta Mingucci).

Seeder has also written the scripts for the TV serials Vabad mehed (‘Free Men’, 2015 and 2017) and Restart (2015; in cooperation with Birk Rohelend). He has translated plays from German (Titanic by Bettina Hamel and Tobias Krechel, Seymour by Anne Lepper, Das Ding - 'The Thing' - by Philipp Löhle, Frau Müller muss weg - ‘Mrs Müller Must Leave’ - by Lutz Hübner).

L. P. (Translated by I. A.)