Ave Taavet

Ave Taavet

Ave Taavet (born 16 October 1988) is an animator, cartoonist and short prose author.

Taavet attended Tartu Tamme Gymnasium and Tartu Children’s Art School. In 2007, she completed Hugo Treffner Gymnasium in Tartu. In 2011, Ave Taavet graduated from the University of Tartu in the speciality of history. In 2015, she acquired a master’s degree from the Department of Animation at the Estonian Academy of Arts.

Along with making films and cartoons, she writes short prose and criticism. She has contributed to the periodicals Müürileht, Sirp, Looming, Vikerkaar, KesKus and Värske Rõhk.

Taavet’s first book, the short story collection Valerahategija (‘Counterfeiter’) appeared in 2020. Her stories a characterised by mixing the mundane and the supernatural and humour.

L. P. (Translated by I. A.)

Books in Estonian

Short prose
Valerahategija. Tallinn: Kultuurileht, 2020. 133 lk.