Mart Trummal

Mart Trummal

Mart Trummal (born 27 February 1953) is an editor, prose writer, translator and painter.

Trummal was born in Tartu. He studied at Tartu Secondary School No. 2 in 1961–1971 and theoretical physics at Tartu State University in 1971–1976. In 1976–1991, Trummal worked as an engineer and researcher at the Institute of Physics of the Estonian Academy of Sciences. In 1991, he started working as chief editor of the Fontes publishing company, in 1993, he participated in founding of the Ilmamaa publishing company and worked as its chief editor until 2001. In 1993, he was one of the founders of the History of Estonian Thought Endowment and has worked as its manager since then. Since 2017, Trummal has presented his paintings at art exhibitions. Since 2018, he has practised painting at Konrad Mägi Studio.

Trummal made his debut in literature with short stories in the collections Sõna (‘Word’) of the periodical Loomingu Raamatukogu. In 1989, his novel Korduskatse (‘Another Try’) deserved honourable mention at the novel competition. The novel appeared in 1996 published by Ilmamaa. The book depicts the creative yearnings of a protagonist similar to the author in the stagnation atmosphere of the 1970s.

Mart Trummal has translated books from English on economics and theory of civilisations. He has been the editor of more than thirty distinctly different authors and books. He has also acted as a publisher. His publishing company Akkon has issued Madis Kõiv’s collected plays and the novels Keemiline pulm (‘Chemical Wedding’) and Päev (‘Day’).

L. P. (Translated bu I. A.)

Books in Estonian

Korduskatse. Tartu: Ilmamaa, 1996. 302 lk.