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Triin Katariina Tammert (given name Triin Tammert, born 20 January 1982) is a journalist and writer.

Tammert has studied journalism and public relations at the University of Tartu and completed master's studies in communication management there. She has worked for the newspaper Postimees, been the managing and chief editor of the magazine Trend, project manager of In Time, the onboard magazine Estonian Air, and web editor of the newspaper Eesti Ekspress.

Tammert has published fiction since 2013 when her aviation-inspired novel Lenda minuga (‘Fly with Me’) appeared. Inglid ja kelmid (‘Angels and Crooks’, 2016) has been defined as a beach novel. It deserved honorary mention at the Bestseller literary competition. In cooperation with Mart Kadastik, she wrote the novel Paarismäng (‘Doubles Game’, 2014). The novel Võr(g)utamine (‘Seduction in Võru’, 2021) was inspired by the town of Võru. Tammert’s creation is mainly concentrated on cognitive problems of the present-day world, relations and thickets of relations, mostly young women’s searches for themselves and choices in life.

A. K. (Translated by I. A.)

Books in Estonian

Katariina Tammert, Lenda minuga: lennuromaan. Tallinn: T. Tammert, 2013, 174 lk
Katariina Tammert, Mart Kadastik, Paarismäng. Tallinn: Varrak, 2014. 309 lk.
Katariina Tammert, Inglid ja kelmid: rannaromaan. Tallinn: Pilgrim, 2016, 240 lk
Võr(g)utamine: Võru romaan. Tallinn: Pilgrim, 2021, 175 lk

Igor Mang, Triin Katariina Tammert, Igor Mangi elu ja astroloogiatarkused. Tallinn: Pilgrim, 2016, 256 lk
Küsi ja Sulle antakse: kuidas harjutada kohalolekut, kuulata märkide abil oma südant ja luua nii enda unelmate elu. Tallinn: Pilgrim, 2018, 176 lk