Scientific Scope

Electrochemical processes play an important role in many aspects of the quality of our life. Therefore, the topics of the 8th Baltic Electrochemistry Conference: Finding New Inspiration 2 will cover various areas of electrochemical approaches, such as electrochemistry and materials science, engineering of devices and systems for sustainable energetics, and application of novel in situ/operando methods for studies of fundamental and applied electrochemistry. New developments in the fields of supercapacitors, Li-and Na-ion batteries, polymer electrolyte and solid oxide fuel cells, electrolysis cells, electro- and bioelectrosynthesis devices, and corrosion protection methods will be discussed.
Main discussion topics:
  • Electrical double layer, charge transfer, and catalysis processes
  • In situ and operando methods in electrochemistry and materials science (incl. synchrotron and neutron scattering methods)
  • Green hydrogen technology
  • Theoretical and computational electrochemistry
  • Complex energy storage/conversion systems
  • Materials for advanced technologies
  • Advances in organic and biological electrochemistry
Keynote Speakers
Prof. Alexei A. Kornyshev
Prof. Elena Baranova
Dr. Monika Hartl
Dr. Rasmus Palm
Dr. Subhash C. Singhal
Assoc. Prof. Svitlana Pylypenko
Invited Speakers
Prof. Richard Compton
Dr. Haotian Chen
Dr. Netanel Shpigel
Dr. Daniel Sharon
Prof. Nejc Hodnik
Prof. Xiao-Dong Zhou
Dr. Kerli Liivand
Dr. Kai Exner
Prof. Pawel Kuleza
Prof. Kaido Tammeveski
Dr. Jurga Juodkazyte
Dr. Abhishek Lahiri
Dr. Gints Kucinskis
Prof. Ladislav Kavan
Scientific Committee
Prof. Doron Aurbach
Prof. François Béguin
Prof. Thierry Brousse
Prof. Richard Compton
Prof. Michael Eikerling
Dr. Gints Kucinskis
Prof. Pawel Kulesza
Dr.-Ing. Mihails Kusnezoff
Prof. Göran Lindbergh
Prof. Enn Lust
Prof. Pekka Peljo
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