Wednesday, April 17th 2024


KEYNOTE: Dr. Monika Hartl
European Spallation Source ERIC
Preparations for in-situ electrochemistry and neutron scattering at the European Spallation Source"


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Methods for material analysis

CO2 electroreduction

Session chair: Dr. Piret Pikma

Session chair: Prof. Kaido Tammeveski

Dr. Armin Hoell, Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin
The ASAXS Technique for Analyzing Structure and Compositions, along with its Applications in the Field of Catalysis"

Dr. Chandani Singh, Flemish Institute for Technological Research
Gas Diffusion Electrode based on Cu-clusters for CO2 electroreduction to C2 products"


Dr. Robert Temperton, MAX IV Laboratory
Operando Soft-Xray Spectroelectrochemistry at the MAX IV Laboratory"

Dr. Ranjith Prasannachandran, Materials & Chemistry, Flemish Institute for Technological Research
Unraveling The Degradation Mechanism In Metal-Based Electrodes For CO2 Electroreduction With In-Situ Raman Spectroscopy"


Dr. Jörg Pieper, University of Tartu
Structural Characterization of Protein Supercomplexes for a Bioinspired Electrochemical Cell"

Mrs. Iuliia Vetik, University of Tartu
Understanding CO2 Electrosorption on Conductive Metal-Organic-Frameworks"


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Methods for material analysis

CO2 electroreduction

Session chair: Prof. Gunnar Nurk

Session chair: Dr. Nadežda Kongi

INVITED: Dr. Nejc Hodnik, National Institute of Chemistry
Unveiling Electrocatalyst Stability via Advanced Electrochemical Characterization"

Ms. Mahsa Amiri, University of Tartu
Ultra-thin Defective TiO2 Films as Photocathodes for Selective CO2 Reduction to Formate"


Prof. Yuye J. Tong, Georgetown University
Deciphing the Roles of Surface Mono- vs Bi-dentate Formate in Formic Acid Oxidation Reaction on Pd and Pt Electrocatalysts by in situ IR Spectroscopy"

Ms. Anna Chmielnicka, University of Warsaw
Electroreduction Properties of Nanostructured WO3-intercalated Copper Catalysts"


Ms. Miriam Koppel, University of Tartu
Quasi-Elastic Neutron Scattering for Studying the Self-diffusion of H2 Adsorbed in Carbide-derived Carbons for H2 Storage Applications"



Dr. Silvar Kallip, University of Tartu
Development and Application of Localized Techniques (3D SVET) for Corrosion Study"